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Joint Paving Compound

Overview of EASY Joint Paving Compound

We are excited to be a Distributor of EASY Joint Paving Compound! A state of the art, environmentally safe, and proven joint compound used in many parts of Europe and now available to the North American market!

EASY Joint is an ALL weather paving joint compound. EASY Joint is a joint material designed to be applied over wet surfaces for natural stone, concrete, clay & porcelain pavers!

Its easy application allows both the creative DIY Hardscaper and the professional contractor to use EASY Joint in joints ranging from 1/8” – 5” wide. For more information call us now at (484)-798-4631 or if you are a dealer, follow the link below and place your order today!


  • Because EASYJoint is installed wet, it means that you do the jointing of the paving when you planned to (even in the rain).
  • It improves cash flow by getting the paving job done and getting paid without delay. It can be done with a traditional hose and broom or with our Hydro-Broom
  • You can be confident that, provided the EASYJoint instructions are followed, you will have a solid joint that will last for years. 
  • The use of water while installing protects the paving material from staining or hazing. 
easy joint paving compund solution

EasyJoint Colors

easy joint




stone grey

Stone Grey



jet black

Jet Black

EASYJoint paving compound is available to buy in 5 colors as shown above. Colors may vary slightly due to differences on monitors and may not be a true reflection of the final product.

Features of EasyJoint 

An all-weather jointing compound
A jointing compound that can be used in almost any weather condition even in the rain.

Very fast to use
The use of water to wash and fill the joints between the paving is a breakthrough in jointing methodology. It assists the paving grout to compact into the joints so there is no need to ‘strike’ or ‘tool’ the joints unless you want a smooth finish and also makes it very easy to apply.

Technically advanced
Years of research and continuous development of our jointing compound makes this a market leader. We sell tens of thousands of EASYJoint tubs every month throughout the United States, UK, and in Europe.

No staining or framing
When used correctly and the EASYJoint instructions are followed there will be no staining or framing to the paving. EASYJoint is safe to use with natural stone as well as being ideal for concrete paving. If you make an error however don’t worry, the only stain our jointing compound might leave is linseed oil which will disappear and fade over time. Use lots of water when using the jointing grout and any linseed oil will sit on top of it and get washed away! Detailed instructions on how to joint paving with our sweep in the sand can be found on this site or in the EASYJoint tub.

No Waste
Opened tubs of EASYJoint, if not fully used, can be kept for later use providing they are covered by a minimum of 2″ (50 mm) or more of water. – There is no waste with our jointing compound, EASYJoint is an environmentally friendly product.

easyjoint paving application

Key Points

  • EASY Joint gives you a much greater working window than other joint materials like polymeric sand. It is installed wet! You can now cut wet to eliminate dust, wash your patio off and finish jointing your patio all the same day!
  • No more worrying about a thunderstorm coming up and compromising your finished product. Easy Joint can be installed in the rain!
  • EASY Joint compound installation is easy. The compound is washed into the joint by using plenty of water before and during the application of EASY Joint. All you need is a hose, squeegee or broom and plenty of water.
  • EASY Joint is formulated not to haze or stain concrete or natural stone paving materials. No more dust filling the paving pores and creating a dull lackluster look.
  • EASY Joint works for joints with widths greater than 3/16” and can exceed joints widths of 5”.
  • EASY Joint is a no-waste product. Simply pour the unused product back into the bucket and cover it with 2” of water, close the bucket, and store it away to use in another project. Unused product is reusable for up to 1 year.
  • EASY Joint coverage can vary according to the size of the joints in the natural stone, concrete, clay, or porcelain pavers or slabs. Contact your local dealer for coverage information.

How to Use EASY Joint

Below is a Step by Step Guide on How to Apply EASYJoint Paving Compound and Watch the Video for Additional Tips and Tricks.

You have the EasyJoint in hand and are ready to learn how to apply joint compound. Watch the recommended video below before proceeding to the six step guide below.

Wet Application Method

This method should be used in all instances except when ground temperatures are at or below zero. If working with materials that have been laid on a non-porous base, refer to Dry Application Method under the How To Use tab on the EasyJoint Website

6 Step Guide to Learn How to Apply Joint Compound by EASYJoint

Step 1

Wet the Paving

Soak the area to be jointed with water using a hose. Keep the paving wet throughout application process.

how to apply joint compound step1

Step 2

Work Quickly

It’s preferred you work with someone. One person can be sweeping and one can be on the hose once the EasyJoint is applied on a wet surface.

how to apply joint compound step3

Step 3

Keep Wash the Paving

Hose operators should alternate between following the sweeper and moving ahead into areas they will hit next.

how to apply joint compound step4

Step 4

Top Up the Joints

Allow excess water to drain away. Top up any sagging joints with more EasyJoint solution and repeat the washing process.

how to apply joint compound step5

Step 5

Final Wash and Clean

Apply a final gentle spray of water to clean the surface of EasyJoint residue and aid in the final compaction process.

how to apply joint compound step6

Step 6

Finishing Touch

Commence with a suitable finish tool once the paving has dried and the joint is free of water to ensure the compound will retain its shape.

how to apply joint compound step7

Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of products can EASY Joint be used on?

It can be used on natural stone and pavers with a minimum depth of 1” and minimum joint width of 1/8”.

What is the maximum joint width for EASY Joint?

The maximum joint width is 5-6” so it works well especially for irregular flagstone.

What if it rains before it cures? 

Since EASY Joint is air-cured not water activated the rain won’t hurt it.

How long does EASY Joint take to cure?

Once the water drains out of it, curing will start immediately, and it should get hard in 12-24 hours afterward.

Why don’t they use finer sand, so it could be used with tighter joints?

Any sand that is moist or wet will not flow into joints tighter than 1/8th inch regardless of how fine it is.

What is that mild smell and how long will it last?

That is linseed oil (one of the ingredients) and should vanish in a few days.

What is that oily sheen that I see when I am using EASY Joint?

That is linseed oil and by nature, linseed oil dissipates and disappears in a very short time.

Does it matter if it rains heavily right after I get done putting it in? Won’t it wash out?

No, rain won’t matter. Sand is heavier than water and when it is in the joint it will stay there unless you have a torrent of water coming off of a roof that by sheer force is pounding it out of the joint.

How long will it last?

Typically, it will last 10 years, but this also depends on the installation process and the usual harsh environmental impact.

Can I use EASY Joint in the joints of a driveway?

No, the paver chatter that is developed when vehicles drive over pavers causes the EASY Joint to break down.

Can I pressure wash my pavers after I have EASY Joint in the joints, and it is cured?

Yes, you can pressure wash your patio, but you should use a fan tip nozzle and stay at least 6″ away, so it doesn’t damage the pavers.

Is there anything that I need to be careful about?

You should never use a grease-cutting detergent on a patio that has EASY Joint in the joints.

Can I use EASY Joint when my pavers are laid over concrete?

Not without some modification, because EASY Joint needs to have drainage.

How large of a joint can EASY Joint work with?

The wide widths are not a problem and can be 5″ or more; however, when you have really wide joints you also need to have a little more depth, so it doesn’t break up when it is stepped on.

Will water damage the base when it drains through it?

As long as the water can escape it won’t damage the base. We don’t want the water to stagnate.

Will I have trouble with mildew and moss?

Mildew is a fungus and will grow anywhere it has enough moisture. Mildew can easily be cleaned off. It doesn’t grow into the joint compound but rather on it. Moss isn’t an issue. It requires media for the roots, and EASY Joint doesn’t soften to give it that opportunity.

Will the color stay as it is or will it turn ugly or black?

The color will stay similar to what is put in but may darken a little due to the environment. If cleaned it will stay attractive.

We are happy to answer any questions about EASY Joint or any of our other products. If you would like to talk to one of us, click the CONTACT US button below. 

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