Dream 2-Part Resin Patio Projects and Walkways In PA

For over 20+ years, SHS Distributors and our sister company Sauders Hardscape Supply has been in the hardscape solutions industry. We enjoy good old fashioned customer service and helping people make their dream patios and outdoor spaces come to life! We specialize in patio paver jointing solutions, hardscape tools, and educating contractors on hardscape best practices. No matter what your jointing problems are, we have the solution for you!

SHS Distributors, our wholesale division is located in Hampton, CT and our retail division, Sauders Hardscape Supply, is located in New Holland, PA. We mainly serve the Northeastern United States but also cater nationwide to all different contractors and homeowners! We believe in professionalism and helping contractors provide the best service to their customers.

GFTK 2-Part Resin Patio Projects Gallery

GFTK products are new to the North American hardscaping scene. This miracle jointing product has been widely used in Europe for over 30 years and we decided it was time to introduce it to American contractors and homeowners. What sets this product apart from the rest? Well GFTK’s biggest strength… is its strength. GFTK’s 2-Part Resin Line is the longest lasting jointing product on the market, towering over poly sand and wet sand joint compound. The average life span of GFTK’s jointing compound is 20+ years.

Even with its durability, most GFTK products are also highly permeable. Although this product costs more, you get a bigger return down the line by not having to worry too much about maintenance costs and other hazards to your patio. Power washing, inclement weather and water damage are all combated by GFTK. Contact us if you’re interested in offering this product to your customers or if you want to see it in your home. See below our previous 2-part resin patio projects and see how GFTK can change your patio and take it to the next level!

If you’d like to order GFTK now, you can head to our retail store and order online!