INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW VDW 480 Xtreme Bedding Compound

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Xtreme Bedding Compound

vdw 480 (Trass Bedding)

The PHNA Xtreme Bedding Compound is a high strength, highly- plastic modified, frost-resistant drainage mortar for the laying of natural stone, slabs, tile, and concrete pavers.

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Features of The VDW 480 Frost Resistant Drainage Mortar

The VDW 480 Frost Resistant Drainage Mortar offers exceptional features for your paving needs. It excels as a permeable bedding system, providing both frost resistance and robust structural support for your paving stones. Trust in VDW 480 for durability and a reliable foundation that stands up to the elements

 Our Mortar bedding is permeable, making it ideal for use in areas exposed to extreme moisture or water, such as swimming pools, fountains, and water tanks. This type of mortar is highly durable and can withstand harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, rain, and snow. 

Installing VDW 480

Watch the video for instructions on installation or read go through the steps listed below

Technical Data

Application Time:
Approx. 1 hour at 20°C | 68°F* application temp. *Quick hardening at higher temperatures, and slow hardening at lower temperatures.

Application Temperature:

5-25°C | 41-77°F (Do not lay onto frozen ground.)

Material Requirement:
Clean 1/8″ – 3/8″ crushed aggregate mixed at 1:4 ratio
1 part Xtreme Bedding Compound to 4 parts aggregate (approx. 220 lbs. aggregate per each 55 lb. bag of bedding compound)
*Mixing ratio of 1:6 is possible and suitable for light pedestrian loads

Water Addition Approximation:
11 liters | 2.9 gal. of cool, clean water per 25 kg | 55 lb. bag of mortar mixture

Compressive Strength:
2900 – 5500 psi at 3 and 28 days (dependent on filler material and mixing ratio)

Flexural Strength:
Approx. 1015 psi

Cement according to EN 197, Trass according to DIN 51043, and special additives

Storage Life:
1 year if stored unopened in sealed and undamaged packaging. Must also be kept dry and frost-free.

Application Guide: VDM 480 Mortar Bedding

1. Construction Site Requirements
The subsurface must be made load bearing, firm and water permeable. Ensure drainage through permeable subsoil or a sufficient drainage gradient. Water impermeable load distribution layers, such as areas with house utility connections or any slab coverings that are laid, need to have a slope of at least 1.5–3.0%. In case of any watertight outdoor areas and levels where water flows or partial puddles form, it is recommended to install a suitable capillary- breaking drainage mat. Ambient and substrate temperature should be 41-77°F, and the process should be carried out in dry weather.

2. Recommended Mixing Ratio
􏰀1 volume part Xtreme Bedding Compound
􏰀4 volume parts suitable aggregate (i.e. 1/8″ – 3/8″ clean crushed or rolled grit/gravel)
􏰀11 liters | 2.9 gal cool, clean water per 25 kg | 55 lb. bedding compound – make note of wet/damp aggregate and reduce water consumption accordingly

Using a compulsory mixer or gravity mixer, mix the Xtreme Bedding Compound in a ratio of 1:4 with suitable aggregate and water, and mix so that it becomes earth-moist; total mixing time 4–5 minutes. First add the aggregate and approx. 75% of the water to the mixer, followed by the Xtreme Bedding Compound. Little-by-little, continue to add the remaining water to the mixture until the mortar is slightly shiny and can be formed into a loose ball. For smaller batches, mixing can be completed in a wheelbarrow or mortar tub – these methods may require a longer mixing time to achieve a homogeneous mortar. After mixing, the mortar is ready for immediate use. It is recommended to use the entire bag of bedding compound when possible, but for smaller batches precise quantities should be weighed out.
Expect approx. 2.5 – 2.7 ft3 of coverage per unit mixed at a 1:4 ratio.

3. Application
Apply the mixed bedding mortar manually in layers of minimum 1.5″ and maximum 4″ thickness. In the case of pavers or stones that are uniform in thickness, the bedding mortar can be leveled to the required layer thickness using screed bars. The underside of paving units need to be pre-treated with our Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant (vdw 495) and set at the correct height before hammering into place with a rubber mallet or dead-blow hammer. The joint area must be water-permeable and therefore also free of Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant universal bonding bridge. Post-treatment: The bedding mortar must be protected from drying out too quickly, and therefore avoiding excessive heat. After installation, the bedding mortar must be protected against drying out for a sufficiently long period, but at least 24 hours. Covering with a tarp may be necessary for this time. The surface should also be covered in the event of adverse weather, such as sustained rainfall.

4. Important Information
The surface can be walked on after 24 hours, or after the mortar has hardened. Grouting can also be carried out at this time. Full resilience will be reached after 7 days, but vehicular areas should not be opened to traffic until the grout has also sufficiently cured – please refer to the data sheet of the grout used for this information

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