INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW VDW 495 Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant


Extreme Adhesion Elutriant

The PHNA Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant is a high-strength, highly plastic-modified, hydraulically hardening universal bonding compound used to secure pavers, natural stone, and porcelain tile to the PHNA Xtreme Bedding Compound (vdw 480 Trass Bedding).

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vdw 495 extreme adhesion elutriant

Features of The VDW 495 Extreme Adhesion Elutriant

Our joint compound adhesive is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it perfect for outdoor use. The adhesive mortar is resistant to frost, rain, and heat, ensuring that the bond between your pavers remains intact no matter the outdoor conditions. If you have extreme weather fluctuation where you live, VDW 495 is perfect for you.

Installing VDW 480

Watch the video for instructions on installation or read go through the steps listed below

Technical Data

Application Time:
Approx. 1 hour at 20°C | 68°F* application temp. *Quick hardening at higher temperatures, and slow hardening at lower temperatures.

Application Temperature:
5-25°C | 41-77°F (Do not lay onto frozen ground.)

Mixing Time:
2 minutes until homogeneous, followed by 2 minute maturation time, then briefly mix again

Standard cement with additives, low in chromate according to TRGS 613


Water Addition Approximation:
5 to 7 liters | 1.3 to 1.8 gal. of cool, clean water per 25 kg | 55 lb. bag depending on processing type

Adhesive Strength
> 330 psi

70 – 85 ft depending on stone type and application method

Storage Life
1 year if stored unopened in sealed and undamaged packaging. Must also be kept dry and frost-free.


Assembly Instructions for VDM 495 Extreme Adhesion Elutriant

1. Construction Site Requirements

The subsurface must be made load bearing, firm and water permeable; all elements should be constructed based on the highest expected traffic loads. Foundation should be stable as to not allow any future surface settling or loosening of pavers under these traffic conditions. Ideally, the setting bed would be the PHNA Xtreme Bedding Compound (vdw 480). Ambient and substrate temperature should be 41-77°F, and the process should be carried out in dry weather.

2. Preparation

To ensure a clean bond between the Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant and the paving unit, the connecting elements should be clean and free of any dust/debris that would otherwise prevent that.

3. Mixing

Notched Trowel Method
􏰀25 kg | 55 lb. bag of Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant to be mixed
with approx. 5 liters (1.3 gal.) of cool, clean water 􏰀Mixing partial quantities to be used in the specified processing time is recommended

“Dip” Method”
This method should only be used for cobblestone installation.
􏰀25 kg | 55 lb. bag of Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant to be mixed with approx. 7 liters (1.8 gal.) of cool, clean water
􏰀Mixing partial quantities to be used in the specified
processing time is recommended
According to the specified mixing ratios, pour the requisite amount of water into a container. Add in the proper proportion of the Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant and mix the slurry with a suitable drill/ paddle mixer for 2 minutes until homogeneous. Let the mixture mature for 2 minutes before briefly mixing again. Hardened mortar must not be made workable again.

4. Application

Installation of paving units with the Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant bonding slurry can be carried out in one of two ways, and should be done so based on the type of paving unit utilized. For natural stone slabs, porcelain tile, and concrete pavers, please follow the “Notched Trowel” method. For small paving units such as cobblestones, the “Dip” method is a viable alternative.
Notched Trowel Method
A 1/4″ x 1/4″ notched trowel is recommended. Using the notched trowel, apply the Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant slurry to the clean underside of the paving unit, ensuring to cover it completely. Any spillage onto the sides of the paving unit should be immediately wiped clean with a damp sponge or cloth – this will provide a clean joint for the jointing compound that will later be used. The paving unit should be immediately laid in the still-fresh drainage mortar (“wet-to-wet”), and solidly set into place with the use of a rubber mallet or dead-blow hammer. The Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant must be protected from rapidly drying out.
“Dip” Method
Dip the paving unit 3/4″ – 1 1/4″ deep into a tub of the Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant. Then hammer the paving unit into the still-fresh drainage mortar using an appropriate rubber mallet or dead-blow hammer.

5. Important Instruction

  • The surface can be walked on after 24 hours.
  • Grouting can also be carried out at this time.
  • Protect the mortar from rapidly drying out, as well as rain, for 12 hours.
  • Full resilience will be reached after 7 days, but vehicular areas should not be opened to traffic until the grout has also sufficiently cured.
  • Paved stone work is done by hand – no compaction machinery should be used.
  • Expansion joints should be laid according to
    relevant guidelines.
  • Underside of sawed stones should be roughened prior to application of the Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant.


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