Meet Our SHS Distributors Team

About Us

SHS Distributors is an independent distributor for north eastern United States.  Our main products are EASYJoint and Perma Edge, two revolutionary products that are changing the hardscape industry.

Our wholesale team includes personnel with years of on the field experience ready to provide customers and dealers with advice on the installation of EasyJoint and Perma Edge. Whether you are contractor looking for hardscape supplies for your ongoing project, a dealer looking to resell quality hardscaping supplies, please contact our team and we will be happy to assist you.

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Mahlon Stoltzfus

CEO/Accounts Manager

Eastern Connecticut, Massachussets, New Hampshire


hardscape dealers manager

Willy Leinbach

 Accounts Manager

Western Connecticut, Massachussetts, Vermont


hardscape dealers accounting

Dale Weaver

Accounts Manager

Pennsylvania, New York