Hydro Broom

Introducing The Hydro-Broom

The EASY way to apply EASYJoint

Hydro-Broom is the ultimate solution to easily apply EASYJoint Paving Compound. The Hydro Broom allows the water to flow down through the handle and disperse through the head, putting the water right where you need it. No need to have one person spraying the water and other sweeping the EASYJoint. Hydro Broom takes care of a two-man job by itself.

Hydro Broom allows you to keep the paving wet throughout the application process which makes it easy to sweep the joint and target tighter joints. If you’re a dealer with EASYJoint Paving Compound, then the Hydro Broom is a must have for you.


  • Water is piped down the handle and dispersed through the head
  • A valve on the handle makes water volume control simple
  • The water flowing through the broom heads helps keep it cleaner
  • Takes a two-man job down to one man
  • Makes a better joint because your water is right where you need it
  • Eases the task of filling tighter joints
  • Lessens the water splashing around the work area
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