Hydro Broom: Efficient And Effective Water Broom

Hydro-Broom from SHS Distributors is one of the best water brooms on the market today. It’s an easy to use and super effective tool. Designed by career hardscape contractors with you in mind. Whether you’re a proud homeowner who works hard to keep their property clean or you’re a landscape or hardscape professional who takes pride in keeping the business and job site clean, Hydro-broom is what you need.

How Does Hydro-Broom Work?

The traditional method of cleaning dirty surfaces requires 2 people, one to spray the surface with water and the other to sweep with the flow of water. You can cut the time on a job site in half by using Hydro-broom, one person can do the job of 2!

Maybe you’re a busy homeowner that needs to save time cleaning off your deck, patio, driveway, or garage. The Hydro-broom makes those jobs easy. All you have to do is hook your garden hose up to the handle, turn the water on, and sweep. You magically wash and sweep at the same time.

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Hydro-Broom: 3 Easy Steps

Connect the water source.

hydro broom water broom hose attachment

Adjust the water flow.

hydro broom water broom water flow adjustment

Simultaneously wash and sweep!

hydro broom water broom water flowing

Hydro-Broom Features

Water Broom Function:

  • Water source attaches at the top of the handle
  • Valve on the handle makes water volume control simple
  • Water is piped down the handle and dispersed through the head
  • The water flowing through the broom head helps keep it cleaner
  • One-piece handle design, no leaks along the water channel
  • Even water distribution along the broom head
  • Durable construction
  • Turns a 2-man job in to a 1-man
  • Gentle, steady cleaning action
  • Makes a better joint because your water is right where you need it (Xtreme Easy Application)
  • Eases the task of filling tighter joints
  • Lessens the water splashing around the work area
  • Adjustable water flow, control how much water you’re allowing at one time
water broom shs distributors hydro broom product

Hydro-Broom: Design Features

Easy two-piece assembly.

hydro broom 2 part assembly

Soft and durable bristles.

hydro broom water broom head up close

Durable construction.

water hydro broom shs distributers

Hydro-Broom Works For Landscape Contractors

If you’re a Landscape or Hardscape professional, then you take your job sites seriously. Cleaning up a job site at the end of every day and after the completion of a project is a huge part of providing the best customer service possible.

A Hydro-Broom can help you serve your customers by making clean up easy and quick. Sweeping a job site without water can grind fine dust particles down into the surface you’re cleaning, and we know you don’t want that. Using a Hydro-Broom will allow you to sweep neatly and efficiently while the water from the broom will grab all the dirt and dust so that you don’t miss anything.

lanscape contractor water broom hydro broom

Hydro-Broom Works For Homeowners

If you like to keep the outside areas of your home clean and in tip top shape, then you’ll definitely want a Hydro-Broom. Hydro-Brooms make cleaning your driveway, patio, deck, and garage floor easy and fast.

Have you ever gotten stuck in the loop of spraying and sweeping and then spraying again and sweeping some more? You can kiss those days goodbye when you get your Hydro-Broom. You’ll be able to take one thorough pass when sweeping your driveway, porch, deck, or garage because the gentle flow of water loosens and lifts dirt while the strong bristles neatly sweep it away.

hydro broom residential water broom

Hydro-Broom Works For Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, then you always want to make the best impression on your customers. That can mean keeping your sidewalks and entryways clean or sweeping areas of your parking lot that get a lot of traffic. Hydro-Broom is perfect for these areas and will allow the sweeping to get done quickly and effectively.

Regular broom and dust pan combinations can work well, but with a hydro-broom you won’t have to worry about using both. The water flowing through the head of the broom will remove the dust and dirt from your sidewalk or parking lot area. Hydro-broom takes a 2-step job and turns it into 1.

You employees will thank you because you’ve made their job easier, and your customers will be impressed with the neat and clean look of your establishment. Hydro-broom will work well to clean any receiving area or warehouse floor as well. This tool will help you keep all areas of your business that are prone to dirt and dust cleaner and more appealing.

hydro broom works for business owners

Hydro Broom Vs. Pressure Washer

You may be wondering what is so different or special about Hydro-Broom compared to a conventional pressure washer? That’s a fair question, there are actually a lot of differences between Hydro-Brooms and pressure washers. Depending on the application, Hydro-broom has a lot of advantages over a pressure washer.

Gentle Cleaning Action

The Hydro-Broom offers gentle, steady cleaning action compared to a regular pressure washer. Trying to use a regular pressure washer to wash off dirt and dust from a garage floor, driveway, or patio can cause problems. Too many times you will end up hitting the edge of a flower bed or garden that borders whatever you’re cleaning and a pressure washer will blast dirt or mulch all over the place creating more work for you. Hydro-Broom is great because the steady flow of water from the hose to the head of the broom is not harsh and will give you more control than a pressure washer. Hydro-Broom channels enough steady flowing water to help you remove dirt and debris without getting things all messy.

Applying Xtreme Easy

If you are applying Xtreme Easy (VDW 840), a regular pressure washer would not work. It would blast it all over the patio.
Pressure washers don’t typically have brush attachments either so you would still need 2 people to apply the Xtreme Easy.
With Hydro-Broom you can turn a 2-man job into a 1-man job! Just dump your Xtreme Easy on the patio, turn on your Hydro-Broom, and begin sweeping the Xtreme Easy where you want it to go.

Water Control

Using a pressure washer usually means that you’re going to get wet, really wet. Getting splashed and sprayed can be annoying when you’re using a pressure washer but what’s even worse is when you splash or over-spray something else you wanted to keep dry like your car or the walls of your garage. Hydro-Broom is great because you can clean around cars or interior garage walls without worrying about splashing and over-spraying.
You’ll be able to stay dry too, wet socks are the worst.