Before You Start

You have the EasyJoint in hand and are ready to learn how to apply joint compound. Watch the recommended video below before proceeding to the six step guide below.

Wet Application Method

This method should be used in all instances except when ground temperatures are at or below zero. If working with materials that have been laid on a non-porous base, refer to Dry Application Method under How To Use tab on the EasyJoint Website

6 Step Guide to Learn How to Apply Joint Compound by EASYJoint

Step 1

Wet the Paving

Absolutely soak the area to be jointed with water using a hose. Keep the paving wet through out application process.

How To Apply Joint Compound Step1

Step 2

Work Quickly

It’s preferred you work with someone. One person can be sweeping and one can be on the hose once the EasyJoint is applied on wet surface.

How To Apply Joint Compound Step3

Step 3

Keep Wash the Paving

Hose operator should alternate between following the sweeper and moving ahead into areas they will hit next.

How To Apply Joint Compound Step4

Step 4

Top Up the Joints

Allow excess water to drain away. Top up any sagging joints with more EasyJoint solution and repeat the washing process.

How To Apply Joint Compound Step5

Step 5

Final Wash and Clean

Apply a final gentle spray of water to clean the surface of EasyJoint residue and aid in the final compaction process.

How To Apply Joint Compound Step6

Step 6

Finishing Touch

Commence with a suitable finish tool once the paving has dried and the joint is free of water to ensure the compound will retain its shape.

How To Apply Joint Compound Step7

For More Information on How to Apply Joint compound from EasyJoint, Click Below to Download the in depth PDF Guide.