INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW VDW 840 Xtreme Easy Jointing Compound

GFTK VDW 840 Xtreme Easy Install Guide

Now that you’re ready to install the Extreme Easy on your patio, here are the steps to get it done.
Be sure to follow each step very carefully. We recommend watching the entire video before attempting to install.

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Follow this Step by Step Guide for Installing Xtreme Easy

Not sure what Xtreme Easy is? The VDW 840 plus Xtreme Easy is a pre-mixed, 1-component resin paving joint compound suitable for concrete pavers, natural stone, and tile. 

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Tools You Need to Install this VDW 840 Xtreme Easy

Please Note: This is the Wet Application Method

This method should be used in all instances except when ground temperatures are at or below zero. If working with materials that have been laid on a non-porous base.
Note: The Hdyro Broom is recommended but Xtreme Easy can be installed with a stiff broom and water hose. 

The 10 Step Guide to Learn How to Apply Xtreme Easy Joint Compound

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move xtreme easy into the joints at a 45 degree angle
keep your boots clean
point your joints
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clean your brush frequently

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be used on natural stone and pavers with a minimum depth of 1” and minimum joint width of 1/8”.

The maximum joint width is 5-6” so it works well especially for irregular flagstone.

Since Xtreme Easy is air-cured not water activated the rain won’t hurt it.

Once the water drains out of it, curing will start immediately, and it should get hard in 12-24 hours afterward.

Any sand that is moist or wet will not flow into joints tighter than 1/8th inch regardless of how fine it is.

That is linseed oil (one of the ingredients) and should vanish in a few days.

That is linseed oil and by nature, linseed oil dissipates and disappears in a very short time.

No, rain won’t matter. Sand is heavier than water and when it is in the joint it will stay there unless you have a torrent of water coming off of a roof that by sheer force is pounding it out of the joint.

Typically, it will last 10 years, but this also depends on the installation process and the usual harsh environmental impact.

No, the paver chatter that is developed when vehicles drive over pavers causes the Xtreme Easy to break down.

Yes, you can pressure wash your patio, but you should use a fan tip nozzle and stay at least 6″ away, so it doesn’t damage the pavers.

You should never use a grease-cutting detergent on a patio that has Xtreme Easy in the joints.

Not without some modification, because Xtreme Easy needs to have drainage.

The wide widths are not a problem and can be 5″ or more; however, when you have really wide joints you also need to have a little more depth, so it doesn’t break up when it is stepped on.

As long as the water can escape it won’t damage the base. We don’t want the water to stagnate.

Mildew is a fungus and will grow anywhere it has enough moisture. Mildew can easily be cleaned off. It doesn’t grow into the joint compound but rather on it. Moss isn’t an issue. It requires media for the roots, and Xtreme Easy doesn’t soften to give it that opportunity.

The color will stay similar to what is put in but may darken a little due to the environment. If cleaned it will stay attractive.

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