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What Are Wind River Plant Microbes

“It is our duty, as agriculturalists, to be stewards of our land.”

This is what Jackie Dayberry, the founder of Wind River Microbes, built the company on. Wind River microbes believes that the land around us is a blessing from God and that we must take care of it. That’s why they’ve invested so much time and energy into the beautification, development, and growth of plants, flowers, and other life forms through the use of plant microbes. 

More and more agricultural lands are collapsing every year. Farms that have been in family possession for generations are folding and urbanization is taking over. Younger generations are moving onto different things and plots of land are being unattended and left in the dust. Now more than ever is the time for action and save our land. Taking care of what God has given us by bringing life to soils and restoring the foundation of agriculture. This will not only help the land and the environment, but also help future generations. SHS Distributors is very excited to bring you the best plant microbes available in market.

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How Do Plant Microbes Work?

With years of research and development behind them, Wind River Plant Microbes’ are designed to benefit you, plants, and produce. How? Well it all starts with balance. Balance is a necessity in not just agriculture but in everyday life. Wind River Plant Microbes balance the populations of beneficial bacteria within the ecosystem. The overall goal is to keep a high amount of good microbes so they can fend off against pathogens and invasive species. When we achieve this goal, nutrient conversion rates and overall healthy growth rates soar through the roof, all while saving you money and time.

Wind River Platn Microbes Soil Care

Wind River SoilCare

Wind RIver’s SoilCare uses an all natural mix, with 74 species of beneficial microbes, like bacteria, archaea, and fungi. These are all essential microbes that plants must have for full health. So how does SoilCare affect your plants and produce? SoilCare strengthens the ecosystem in your soil and other growing media. You might have healthy soil but plants aren’t designed to directly consume all of the nutrition buildup in soil. They actually depend on healthy microbes to process it for them. When you use Wind River SoilCare, you give your plants and produce a chance to team up and defend themselves against blight, rusts, root rot, and harmful insects. Not only does Wind River SoilCare help in defense, it also helps moderate the pH level, salinity  and water retention of your plants.

Sizes Available: 

64 Oz – (Available Through Dealer Portal)

55 Gallons – Contact your local sales representative for pricing, freight not included.

250 Gallons – Contact your local sales representative for pricing, freight not included.

6000 Gallon Tanker – Contact your local sales representative for pricing, freight not included.

Wind River SoilCare Applications


  • Unleashes aggregate-bound phosphorus
  • Improves Nitrogen Fixation
  • Reduces Salinity
  • Oxygenates soil and plant roots
  • Breaks down chemical contaminants


  • Reduces nutrients needed for algae growth
  • Pond remediation
  • Digests organic wastes
  • Benefits aquatic life
  • Breaking down organic sludge like leaves


  • Reduces sludge build-up
  • Mitigates odors
  • Reduces pumping costs
  • Keeps soil percolating
  • Decomposes solid wastes
Wind River Biosoil

Wind River BioSoil

Wind River SoilCare is good for lawn and garden use but what about trees, shrubs and other woody plants? That’s where Wind River BioSoil comes in! This is a special formula that acts as a pathogen inhibitor, is anti-fungal, and stimulates growth. It kills harmful pathogens that are detrimental to growth, production and plant life in general. Any incidences with various fungi like Verticillium dahliae are reduced with Wind River BioSoil. Similar to other Wind River Microbes products, BioSoil increases water retention, controls nitrogen fixation, breaks down soil contaminants, balances pH, and increases oxygenation among other things. Using Wind River BioSoil can also help you decrease costs by requiring you to use less fertilizer inputs.

Wind River BioSoil Applications

  • Individual Shrub or Saplings
  • 2-3 year old trees
  • Mature Trees, small orchards
  • Transplanting Young Trees
  • Orchard Irrigation

Before and After Using Wind River Microbes

Before Wind River SoilcareAfter Wind River Soilcare
Before Wind River BiosoilAfter Wind River Bio Soil