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SHS is proud to be a distributor of Perma Edge Paver Edging. A long lasting border protection for any paver project is now available in the northeast.

Perma Edge is easy to install and is cost comparable to traditional plastic edging with the spikes. Perma Edge compound can withstand harsh freeze and thaw cycles. This product is scientifically engineered and formulated to strengthen and maintain the integrity of any paver project. Perma Edge Paver Edging is made to withstand the test of time.

Call us today for additional information at (484)-798-4631. Dealers can follow the link below to place orders directly online and have it delivered promptly. You can learn more about becoming a Perma Edge dealer by following the link below.

To order Perma Edge retail, please visit our sister company, Sauders Hardscape Supply.


Perma Edge Features

  • Perma Edge is scientifically engineered and formulated to strengthen and maintain the integrity of any paver project. Their purpose is to change the way paver edging is done forever.
  • Perma Edge paver edging is used to greatly improve upon the way paver edges are built by adding strength, stability, and a secured edge that will last.
  • Perma Edge is a superior product to the standard plastic edging.
  • Use of Perma Edge increases the speed of install and dramatically reduces edge and field repairs.
  • Perma Edge also is very comparative in cost to plastic edging and spikes.
  • Long lasting border protection for paver projects
  • Easy to install
  • Withstands harsh freeze and thaw cycles
  • Cost is comparable to traditional plastic edging
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Perma Edge: Strength, Flexibility, and Permeability

Perma Edge has been installed nationwide by homeowners and landscape contracting professionals for over 4 years. Hundreds of miles of Perma Edge Paver Edging has been installed across the country. The Perma Edge formula was engineered to be the RIGHT combination of strength, flexibility, and permeability. It is the superior paver edging option on the market today.

Perma Edge Strength 

Perma Edge was formulated and designed to be stronger and last longer than traditional plastic paver edging. Perma Edge has a strong hold like concrete but will flex and allow water to filter through so you won’t experience cracking and breaking like a normal concrete or mortar.

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Perma Edge Flexibility

Perma Edge will float and flex with your patio or walkway. It will keep its strong hold on your project while allowing flex. Perma Edge will flex with your patio because it attaches like a concrete or mortar (plastic edging just stakes into the ground) but flexes like plastic edging.

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Perma Edge Permeability

Perma Edge is 40% more permeable than concrete or mortar. This means it won’t retain water. Concrete will retain water due to having limestone in its formula and that water will freeze, expand and cause cracking. Because Perma Edge is so much more permeable than concrete, it won’t retain water and it won’t crack from freezing and expanding.

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What Makes Perma Edge Superior?

Superior Appearance

There is nothing worse than having a beautiful patio made out of bricks or pavers and seeing that ugly, unnatural black plastic edging going all the way around it. Traditional black plastic edging ruins a beautiful patio or walkway. Perma Edge Paver Edging is the ultimate solution to this aesthetic problem. Perma Edge dries and hardens with a mild brown/grey finish that will seamlessly flow with your patio, walkway, or shed pad (and it’s easy to dye your Perma Edge to change its color). You can stop ruining the aesthetic of beautiful hardscape projects by using Perma Edge, the superior appearance paver edging solution.

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Superior Durability

Perma Edge Paver Edging will hold up throughout the seasons and year over year. It is 40% more permeable than concrete so water won’t build up and freeze. No shrinking or expanding. It floats with your patio and walkway while doing its job of holding everything in place. You can install it in light to medium rain or in freezing conditions. If you are installing in weather like this you will want to fine grade immediately to help with the hardening process. You can use a doubled up black tarp in freezing conditions to absorb and trap heat to ensure that your Perma Edge will harden properly.

You can clearly see how over time normal plastic edging loses its hold and begins to fail. Even with 10 in. or 12 in. spikes driven into the ground to hold it in place, it won’t last. Perma Edge holds its place year after year. It can flex and float with your pavers. It won’t be affected by freezing in the winter or thawing in the spring.

Perma Edge Paver Edging is the product every hardscape contractor should be using to finish their products. You just can’t argue with the results. Supplying a clearly superior product at a comparable price will serve your customers well. Contact us today to become a Perma Edge Dealer in your area.

Superior Performance

Perma Edge is 700% more flexible than concrete and 40% more porous. The only ingredient that concrete and Perma Edge share is Portland Cement. Perma Edge is made with a lot more non porous ingredients like sand and gravel. This prevents water or moisture from being absorbed by Perma Edge which would lead to cracking, expanding, and failure. Most concrete and mortars are made with limestone aggregates. Limestone aggregates will absorb water and moisture which leads to cracking over time. That’s one of the key things that separates Perma Edge Paving Edging from concrete and mortar mixes. Perma Edge was specifically designed with professional hard-scapers in mind. Client’s love the look and contractors love the easy application and time tested performance.

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Hear From The Perma Edge Creators

Check out this video to see what the creators of Perma Edge Pavers have to say and learn more about this incredible product.

Ready To Become A Perma Edge Dealer?

You can become a Perma Edge Dealer today by placing your first order of Perma Edge Paver Edging or contacting us with more questions. Becoming a Perma Edge dealer will not only benefit you, it will benefit your clients as well. Providing access to the best products on the market is a great way to take your business to the next level.

You can provide the Landscape Contractors and Hardscape Contractors in your area with a superior paver edging product. Traditional plastic edging does not compare to the look and function of Perma Edge. We’re ready to help you meet your clients needs in a superior way with a superior product.

Perma Edge Frequently Asked Questions 

You can use Perma Edge on concrete, clay, brick, stone, travertine, plastic, resin, paver, walkway, or driveway.

Application Type: Open Graded, Clear, or Permeable Base

One 5 gallon bucket of Perma Edge will cover a range of 18 ft. to 22 ft. when applying to Open Graded, Clear, or Permeable Base projects.

Application Type: Crushed Base or Dense Base

One 5 gallon bucket of Perma Edge will cover a range of 22 ft. to 28 ft. when applying to Crushed Base or Dense Base projects.

Application Type: Natural Stone, Porcelain, or Tiles

One 5 gallon bucket of Perma Edge will cover a range of 25 ft. to 33 ft. when applying to Natural Stone, Porcelain, or Tile projects.

Perma Edge should be applied 1/4 in. to 1/2 in. high on most projects.

Yes! You can apply Perma Edge in light to moderate rain. You should only avoid applying Perma Edge during heavy rain. You can even apply Perma Edge in cold or freezing temperatures.

You can compact your project immediately after applying Perma Edge. You can also compact the following day if something prevents you from compacting immediately (but it is recommended to compact immediately).

Perma Edge takes between 5 and 6 hours to dry and harden from the time of application (compacting work should be done during this window of time if possible). In rainy or colder conditions Perma Edge may take longer to set up.

You can fine grade, backfill, or mulch immediately after applying Perma Edge. In rainy or cold conditions this will actually help Perma Edge harden more quickly.

Perma Edge will last through freezing in the winter and thawing in the spring. It is 40% more permeable than concrete so it does not retain water like concrete does. This means no freezing and expanding which could lead to cracks and damage.

Yes, once Perma Edge has had the time it needs to set up and harden completely (5 to 6 hours or up to 24 hours in wet or cold conditions).

No. Perma Edge comes in standard gray but is easily dyed different colors to match different patios and walkways. You can also easily fine grade, backfill, or mulch over Perma Edge without affecting its performance at all.

How To Use Perma Edge Paver Edging 

Step 1.

Scrape away from the edge of your pavers. Use a straight shovel or a trow to scrape away from where the ground and the pavers meet. Clear 5-6 in. away from the edge. This will allow you plenty of space to apply your Perma Edge mixture.

Step 2.

Prepare your Perma Edge mixture. You need to use 1 gallon of water per 5 gallon bucket of Perma Edge (Remember that a 5 gallon bucket of Perma Edge will get you 20-25 linear feet of edging). You can mix your Perma Edge and water in anything large enough to hold 1 gallon of water and 5 gallons of the dry Perma Edge aggregate but we recommend a regular wheel barrow.

perma edge paver edging permanent hardscape edging product

Step 3. 

Apply your edging mixture. Once the water has been worked into the Perma Edge and the mixture is consistent you can begin applying it. We think it works best to use a shovel (flat or spade shovel) but you can use anything to scoop and apply. Apply the Perma Edge mixture about 2 inches thick along the base of your pavers.

Step 4. 

Smooth Perma Edge with a trow. We recommend using a 4 in. trow to smooth your Perma Edge along your pavers. If there are any air spaces under your pavers make sure that you use a gloved hand to “finger tuck” the mixture into those spaces before smoothing. As you smooth out your Perma Edge, make sure that it is finishing at least ½ inch up on the pavers.

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Step 5.

Compact your pavers. Once you have smoothed all the edges of your project you can compact your pavers or walkway. You have a 6 hour window from application to compact your project before the Perma Edge will be finished “setting up” or hardening. You can compact after Perma Edge is done hardening if you have to but for absolutely the best results you should compact before the mixture is finished hardening.

Step 6. 

Fine grade your project. Once you have finished compacting everything you can immediately begin fine grading or backfilling. You can fine grade with topsoil, stone, or mulch. This will not affect the performance of the Perma Edge, so go crazy and enjoy your new hardscape.

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