Step by Step Guide on How to Install Paver Edging

Perma Edge has developed a product that is scientifically engineered and formulated to strengthen and maintain the integrity of any paver project. Their purpose is to change the way paver edging is done forever.

Improve the way paver edges are built with Perma Edge. Add strength, stability and security with Perma Edge Pavers Solution and watch it withstand the test of time for any hardscape project. Follow the 6 step guide below and watch the video on how to install paver edging to get started today! 

Step 1

how to install paver edging

Prepare the pavers to be edged. Break away the bedding layer, sand/chips.

Step 2

how to install paver edging perma edge

When mixing, use 1 gallon of water per 5-gallon bucket of Perma Edge.

Step 3

how to install paver edging guide

Using a scoop or flat shovel, distribute evenly along the pavers edge. 

Step 4

perma edge installation guide

Using a 4″ hand trowel, smooth Perma Edge at approximately 45-degree pitch, approximately 1/2″ up on the bottom of the paver.

Step 5

installation guide for perma edge

Compact the pavers, while Perma Edge is still wet. This is very important when learning how to install paver edging.

Step 6

how to install perma edge

Proceed with fine grading around the pavers using topsoil, mulch or stone. You now have successfully learned how to install paver edging.

  • Watch the video by Perma Edge Paver Edging for additional tips and tricks on learning how to apply Perma Edge.